Department Scholarships

Mary Susan Morse Iosue Memorial Scholarship 
Award of $1,750 ($875/semester) 

Awarded to a student majoring in French at the end of his/her junior year or later for the following academic year. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 is required with preference given to a student who is emphasizing in literary studies and who shows outstanding promise in French studies. Additionally, preference will be given to a student who has completed a project in some area of his/her French studies. 

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Helen K. Fairall Scholarship
Award of $3,000 

Awarded to a junior or senior majoring in French. Eligible students must have a minimum UI cumulative GPA of 3.0 and be enrolled full-time in a degree-seeking program for both semesters of the 2023-2024 academic year (12 semester hours). Eligibility criteria also requires being born in Iowa and educated in Iowa for at least grades one through eight OR born in the United States and graduated from an Iowa high school.  

Undergraduate students cannot receive this scholarship for Study Abroad. 

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Richard J. Tyner French and Italian Scholarship 
Awards up to $7,000

Awarded to a deserving College of Liberal Arts and Sciences student, with preference will be given to a student majoring or minoring in French or Italian. In addition, preference is given to a student who is a member of the University of Iowa Honors Program. Eligible students must have a cumulative UI GPA of at least 3.7. Applicants should plan to participate in an academic credit-bearing Study Abroad or Intern Abroad program of at least one semester in length. 

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CLAS Scholarships

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences supports numerous scholarships through the college's annual scholarship competition. For a list of scholarships available in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and information on applying for scholarships, visit the CLAS Scholarships page. Please contact the undergraduate advisor or the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Programs for questions regarding the application process. 

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International Programs 

Explore the many funding opportunities open to UI students and alumni, available from the International Programs Student Grants and Fellowships page. 

Students majoring in a world language who are participating in a study abroad program or an international internship program through International Programs should investigate the Richard J. Tyner International Programs Scholarship

Undergraduate students who interested in studying abroad in West Africa (preference Ghana) should investigate Drs. Michael L. and Darlene M. McNulty Scholarship. 

Undergraduate students who study abroad in countries including sub-Saharan Africa, Asia (including Central Asia), Latin America, and the Middle East (including North Africa) should investigate the Joel D. and Sandra Barkan Scholarship. 

Undergraduate students who are committed to developing advanced language proficiency should investigate the Naomi Gunderson Scholarship for Foreign Language Study Abroad. 

Undergraduate students who are majoring in French (first preference) or English (second preference) and studying abroad in France for at least one semester should investigate the Stuart A. Lundquist Memorial Fund Scholarship 

External Scholarships and Grants