Yasmine Ramadan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Yasmine Ramadan is an Associate Professor of Arabic and the Director of the Arabic Program focusing upon Arabic language, literature, and culture. Her research and teaching centers upon cultural production from the MENA region, particularly upon the intersection between nationalism, artistic production, space, and resistance in the contemporary period.

Yasmine’s first book Space in Modern Egyptian Fiction (2019) explores the spatial representations in the fiction of the sixties generation in Egypt, tracing the disappearance of an idealized nation in the Egyptian novel. It examines the emergence and establishment of some of the most significant writers in modern Egyptian literature, and their influence across six decades, while also tracing the social, economic, political, and aesthetic changes that marked this period in Egypt’s contemporary history. 

Yasmine is also working on a research project on the representation of Sinai in Egyptian literary and cultural production, focusing on the intersection between activism and art. She has been published in Journal of Arabic Literature, Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics, and Arab Studies Journal.

Selected Courses

  • ARAB:1001/1002 - Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I/II 
  • ARAB:2001/2002 - Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I/II 
  • Culture and Resistance: Modern Middle East 
  • City as Text/Text as City 
  • Global Solidarities 
Research areas
  • Arabic
Yasmine Ramadan

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