Roxanna Curto

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Associate Professor and DEO of French and Italian
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Roxanna Curto is Associate Professor of French and Spanish and Chair of the Department of French and Italian at the University of Iowa. She received her Ph.D. in French from Yale in 2008 and her A.B. in Romance Studies from Harvard in 2001. In her research, she explores the representation of cultural elements such as technology and sports in literature from the French- and Spanish-speaking worlds. She is the author of Inter-tech(s): Colonialism and the Question of Technology in Francophone Literature (University of Virginia Press, 2016). She has also published essays exploring connections between Aimé Césaire and Latin American literature, and the role of technology in the work of 20th-Century poets, including Guillaume Apollinaire, Blaise Cendrars, and Denis Roche. Her second book project, Writing Sport: The Stylistics and Politics of Athletic Movement in French and Francophone Literature considers aspects of physical culture in literature written in French from Europe, Africa, North America and the Caribbean. She recently co-edited the volume, Pour le sport: Physical Culture in French and Francophone Literature forthcoming with Liverpool University Press.