Alaa Nasef

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Alaa Nasef
Adjunct Instructor
515 PH
Office Hours:
T Th 10:30-12:00

Coming from the land of pharaohs and queens Egypt. Being lived in Qatar, visited Saudi Arabia, and finally the states. I believe that learning languages is your passport to learn, to explore, and to thrive with other nations, people, and cultures. 


I am here in Division of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures , برنامج اللغة العربية 

I am eager to teach you Arabic مرحبا 

I finished my bachelor degree in English language at Ain shams University, I have finished my TESOL certificate from Arizona State University. Now I am looking forward to starting my advanced degree in higher education. اهلا وسهلا في برنامج اللغة العربية و سلام