Doctor of Philosophy in French

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The degree Doctor of Philosophy is awarded on completion of an extensive program of study, the passing of a comprehensive examination, and the writing and successful defense of a dissertation. It certifies that the recipient has acquired a sound general knowledge of French and Francophone literatures and cultures, and an in-depth knowledge of specific areas with concomitant critical and research methodologies to resolve problems of literary criticism, history, and scholarship. The doctorate should prepare a teacher-scholar capable of addressing both students and peers, and of making significant and original contributions to learning.

Program requirements include the following:

  • FREN:5001 Introduction to Graduate Study in French - 1 s.h.
  • FREN:5030 Principles of Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages -3 s.h.
  • FREN:6140 Critical Theory and Practice (or equivalent) - 3 s.h.
  • FREN:7000 Ph.D. Thesis - 6 s.h. or more.
  • Three graduate courses in a related field such as another literature, history, or philosophy totaling a minimum of 8 s.h.
  • Fifth semester or equivalent proficiency in a foreign language other than French.