French Courses Primarily for Graduate Students

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FREN:4911-4912 French for Reading/Research (a two-semester sequence)
FREN:5001 Introduction to Graduate Study in French; Expectations, resources, and opportunities of graduate study in French; introduction to course work, development of preprofessional competencies.
FREN:5010 Grammar in Second Language Teaching/Learning; Grammar, second language acquisition, and teaching. Taught in English, projects in varied languages. Same as 164:225.
FREN:5020 Comparative Stylistics. Advanced language study in French through the practice of translation from English to French and through a systematic comparative study of the two languages. Same as 48:211
FREN:5030 Principles of Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages; Consent of instructor required. Same as 13:221, 39:234, and 41:234  
009:214 Studies in the Enlightenment

Studies in the Nineteenth Century. Introduction to the literary traditions of 19th-century France; principal literary and aesthetic movements of the century (Romanticism, Realism, Naturalism, Symbolism); prose, poetry, theater. Repeatable

009:221 Literature of the 20th Century
FREN:6010 The Renaissance in France  
FREN:6020 Studies in the 17th Century  
FREN:6050 Realism and Naturalism. Representative novels of Realist and Naturalist literary texts. Same as 048:211.  
FREN:6080 Modern French novel  
FREN:6090 French History in/and Cinema. French cinema's role in constructing 20th-century discourse on national and cultural identity and in shaping modern France's historical imagination
009:236 Introduction to Second Language Acquisition Research. Research Methods, survey of selected literature in second language acquisition.
009:241 Seminar: 19th-century French Art/Literature/Culture. Repeatable. Same as 01H:360  
FREN:6110 New Historicisms in France. Theory and practice of historical interpretation developed by the "Annales" historians and in the philosophical discourses of Michel Foucault, Michel de Certeau, other prominent postmodern critics  


Literature of Immigration in France. Contemporary literature written by non-European immigrants in France; issues of identity, institutional power, exclusion, displacement; rhetorical strategies used in these decentered texts to open a discursive/subversive space in canonical literary discourse  

Studies in Francophone Literature. Study of  identity, subalternity, religions, difference, gender negotiations, nation building and race in the Caribbean, West Africa  and the Indian Ocean from  a  socio-historical, anthropological, and comparative perspective. Postcolonial theory, Diaspora and Black Atlantic Studies.

FREN:6140 Critical Theory and Practice
FREN:6750 Topics in French Studies  
FREN:6901 Second Language Acquisition Research/Theory I. Same as 035:201, 039:200, 39J:201, 164:201.  
FREN:6920 Multimedia and Second Language Acquisition. Same as 013:253, 035:212, 164:211.  
FREN:7000 Thesis
FREN:7011 Advanced CALL Curriculum Development. Same as 013:254, 035:214, 164:214.  
FREN:7110 Seminar  
FREN:7990 Independent Study